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About CREDAI Bengal
CREDAI Bengal is the State Chapter of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) which has over 9000 Members through 20 State Chapters and 128 City Chapters across the country. CREDAI works to raise issues of concern nationally for the development of the real estate sector in the country and is represented in various national bodies including the Planning Commission.

CREDAI has adopted Mission Transparency in order to impress upon the Central government, that developers are usually victims of the system and not the beneficiary. This mission urges the government...
What's New

  • CREDAI Bengal has been involved in a host of activities and events which showcase new trends in the real estate sector.
  • CREDAI Bengal also organizes exhibitions across the city which bring together buyers and real estate developers under one roof.
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Flip through the Real Estate Digest - August 2013 Edition.

Real Estate Digest : CREDAI Bengal's Quarterly Comprehensive Guide to Properties in Bengal. One of the intellectual properties of CREDAI Bengal which helps connect with our end-user base is the Real Estate Digest, a quarterly news magazine that we publish, which features articles from major stakeholders in the real estate and infrastructure sector as well as from the members. The magazine is published every quarter and mostly corresponds to a major event of CREDAI Bengal occurring during that time. It is also a one-stop-shop for the reader to get a sneak peek into the latest properties in the housing and commercial market, as every conceivable big project being constructed at that period of time, is advertised in the magazine. It also contains information about our association events and messages on the various committees contributing their bit towards CREDAI Bengal, apart from articles on good living, lifestyle choices, interior accents, vaastu and trivia. The magazine is very well received and has a wide circulation of about 15,000 copies.